Heartfelt Letter (Photo Credit wallpaperpod.com)
Richard Carlson taught me one of the things that can effectively help me appreciate the best things in life. Today, I will be sharing this exercise, as the title suggests, write a heartfelt letter.

It might sound a little awkward and you would probably ask yourselves, "Why would I?" I will be first to admit that I too, have neglected this exercise at first but then I tried doing it and I am so glad I did. So what's the point in all of this? The goal of this exercise is to simply express our love and gear our thinking towards gratitude. This way, we become more loving and more peaceful human beings. Moreover, it provides avenue for us to think and remember the wonderful people in our lives.

I decided to make this as part of my weekly ritual and I am really amazed by just how much it shaped my life. My friends who have received my letters experienced tantamount to mine. Most of them have decided to do the same thing to others and they were also impressed that it brought changes in them. It made them more peaceful and loving towards each other.

It will be best to mark your calendar, grab your pen and do it yourselves. Just do it. I'll bet you'll really glad you did. You might probably be writing to someone abroad or in different language and feel a little worried about it but do not worry. It is not on how well the letter is written but the most important thing, is that it comes from the heart.

In the meantime, you can also do it in G+ or in Facebook. You can start simply by just sending them sincere private messages or comment below and mention their names (G+ friends, author, inventor, companies, pets ) who you think deserve a heartfelt letter. I would start at the comment below. And should you decide to do this or share this to others, thank you  very much! You may have touched a life in ways you will never know!