Hello friends! I've been away from the internet sphere for a long time and been busy with a project. Sorry for the unanswered posts and hangout messages but anyway my blog is now active after a 2-month hiatus. So let's break the interlude by sharing this post by Frans Francois in his community. 

Zhang Da must bear the heavy burden of life when he was very young. In 2001, when he was approaching 10 years, Zhang Da must accept the fact her mother ran away from home. The mother fled, unable to bear the poverty that plagued her family. Even more tragically, the mother's leaving because he could no longer take care of her husband who was paralyzed, helpless, and without possessions. And he did not want to support the family.

Then Zhang Da who lives alone with his father who was paralyzed, had to take over all the work of the family. He must take care of his father, earning a living, looking for food, cooking, bathing father, washing clothes, treat, and so on.

Are commendable, he did not want to drop out of school. After taking care of his father, he went to school on foot through the small forest by following the path to the place in search of knowledge. During the journey, he takes what can be filling his stomach, from eating grass, leaves, and mushrooms to downsize. Not all materials can be food, selecting it based on experience. When the plant was not compatible with his tongue, he left behind and move on to the following crop. Very lucky because he did not eat the leaves or mushrooms are poisonous.

After school, so that he could buy food and medicine for his father, Zhang Da worked as a bricklayer. He brought a basket on his back and went into a rock breaker. Wages he used to buy a variety of needs such as medications for his father, for both of groceries, and a number of books to his pejalari.

Zhang Da apparently intelligent. He knew his father not only requires medication to be taken, but the necessary medication to be injected. Not being able to bring his father to the doctor or to the nearest clinic, Zhang Da actually learn how to inject. He bought his book to learn how. After he could buy a syringe and then injected the medicine regularly on his father.

Activities continue to care for her father lived up to five years. Apparently persistence Zhang Da who lives in Nanjing, Zhejiang Province, the local government appeal. In January 2006, the Chinese government held a national award at a national inspirational figures. 10 names of winners, one of which is tucked name Zhang Da. Apparently he became the youngest winner.

The inaugural event was broadcast live via television nationwide. Zhang Da asked the winner to come forward stage. A host of the show asked why he was willing to sacrifice like that when he was a child. "Life must go on. Should not give up, do not be committing a crime. Should live life with full responsibility," he said.

After the roar of the audience gave applause. The emcee asked him again. "Zhang Da, call it what you want, the school where, and what you want. How much money do you need until you finish school and go to college where. Anyway what you desire you name it., There's plenty officials, businessmen, and celebrities in attendance. Currently there are also hundreds of millions of people are looking at you through the television screen, they can help you! " said the host.

Zhang Da silent. The silence was waiting for his words. Presenters should be reminded again. "Call it!" he asserted.

Zhang Da, who was already 15 years old tried to open his mouth began to tremble. All attendees in the room, and also millions of people who watched it live on television, was silent waiting for what desires Zhang Da. "I want mommy back. Mama returned to the house, I can help the poor, I can find their own food. Mama back!" Zhang says the Da tears of emotion greeted the audience.

Zhang Da did not ask for gifts of money or material on sincerity dutiful to his parents. And then all those present could help make it happen. In the eyes of Zhang Da, the material may be sought in accordance with their needs, but a mother and affection, it's priceless.